Huawei: We are willing to sign 'no-spy' pacts with governments

Evarado Alatorre
May 15, 2019

President Donald Trump is poised to issue an executive order as early as Wednesday that would effectively prohibit United States companies from using any telecoms equipment manufactured by China's Huawei.

President Donald Trump is expected to sign an executive order this week barring USA companies from using telecommunications equipment made by firms posing a national security risk, paving the way for a ban on doing business with China's Huawei, three US officials familiar with the plan told Reuters. Huawei, which has repeatedly denied the allegations, did not immediately comment.

The official also said that the order, which could be signed as soon as Wednesday, has nothing to do with the recent escalation of the trade conflict with China.

In January, the administration was preparing the action, which could significantly restrict Chinese state-owned telecom companies from operating in the USA over national security concerns, people familiar with the matter said at the time.

The person familiar with the order said it would not mention any countries or companies by name.

Huawei is a private company that is not controlled by the Chinese government and would refuse to hand over information to Beijing although no such request has been made, the firm's Vice President of Western Europe said on Tuesday.

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Canadian authorities last December arrested Huawei's Chief Financial Officer Meng Wanzhou at the request of the US, which seeks her extradition over allegations of violating Iran sanctions.

The White House and Commerce Department declined to comment.

It follows concerns from some countries that China could use products made by the telecoms firm for surveillance.

Huawei has also said it is independent from the Chinese government, but some countries have blocked it from their 5G networks on national security grounds.

Huawei is the world's largest maker of telecoms equipment.

The Federal Communications Commission in April 2018 voted to advance a proposal to bar the use of funds from a $9 billion government fund to purchase equipment or services from companies that pose a security threat to USA communications networks.

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