Google Express is now Google Shopping, Feed and YouTube integration coming soon

Ceria Alfonso
May 15, 2019

Later this year, brands will be able to bring shoppable ads to the video service. The move also, at least for now, preserves the famously minimalist aesthetic of the desktop version of Google's homepage.

On the surface, the new Google Shopping is similar to the existing Shopping Search: you search for a product, and results appear from multiple retailers across the web. Oliver Heckmann, Google vice president of engineering for Travel and Shopping, told reporters today the newly announced changes aren't about simply trying to match rivals and are instead an opportunity to give consumers a richer, more convenient way to find relevant information. Google Shopping, the company's primary e-commerce offering, also received a face lift.

According to Google, consumers expect useful, swipeable, and visual experiences from their ads.

As an example, when using Google Images for certain things like living room furniture, you may come across a gallery ad that can be opened and explored.

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Part of this, to be sure, is driven by necessity.

The other major component to Google Shopping is integration with other products from the company.

Google, which gets about 85% of its revenue from ads, said recently that ad sales growth actually slowed down in the first quarter, which hurt its stock price in the short term. Which makes moves like finding new places to sell and display ads certainly understandable - or, at least, not unexpected.

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