Florida woman missing for 6 years found in warehouse freezer

Galtero Lara
May 15, 2019

The body of a woman missing for more than five years was recently discovered inside an old refrigerator at a Margate scrap metal business. The freezer containing Lacey's body had been in a Hollywood apartment where Jonathan Escarzaga, 36, was reported dead on February 17, 2019.

The business owner said Friday she opened the freezer and found the body of 35-year-old Heather Lacey last month. The manager of the unit reportedly had the appliances sent to the scrap warehouse, where Argueta made the grisly discovery.

The body of a Florida woman who had been missing for six years was found inside a freezer at a scrap warehouse.

Argueta told the paper that it appeared Lacey's palms were pointed toward the inside of the door and her legs were drawn up against her body as if she had been trying to push it open. She said she originally thought the body was a "witch or a mannequin".

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The freezer wasn't locked, the warehouse owners said.

Authorities are withholding information pending autopsy results by the Broward County Medical Examiner's Office, the Sun-Sentinel reported.

It wasn't immediately clear if Escarzaga played a role in Lacey's death or whether the two knew each other.

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