Temperatures set to soar for Bank Holiday Weekend — WEATHER FORECAST

Evarado Alatorre
Abril 17, 2019

The forthcoming holiday weekend is set to be warm and sunny for most after a cooler start to the week. But clouds could usher in cooler temperatures in the north-west and parts of the east coast on Easter Day, the cooler of the two days.

The forecaster is predicting dry and sunny weather across the long weekend.

The incoming weather system is also expected to cause temperatures to significantly rise, and free the United Kingdom of the freezing conditions seen lately.

The chilly spell across parts of the United Kingdom is expected to break by the Easter weekend, with warm weather being forecast.

There is unlikely to be any widespread rain - although there could be some falls in Ireland, Wales and the south-west of England before conditions become more settled later this week.

"It is still likely to be fairly pleasant but not as warm and clear as Saturday is expected to be".

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The hot air could see Britain warmer than Spanish holiday hotspots such as Majorca and Barcelona over the holiday, ending the Scandinavian blast that hit this weekend.

Partridge said: "After there was a chilly spell this weekend, we are going to see temperatures gradually increase through the week". And for Easter events that have bravely planned to be outside, the forecast looks ideal.

"Temperatures in the mid teens are plausible for Easter week".

The first was in Heathrow, west London, and Mildenhall, Suffolk, in 1949 and the second was recorded Wisley, Surrey, in 2011.

Generally temperatures were between 25°C - 27°C across the south-east and East Anglia that year.

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