Israel Folau to challenge Rugby Australia's decision to sack him

Jose Verdugo
Abril 17, 2019

Rugby Australia announced it was dropping the star player last Thursday, after the three-time John Eales Medal victor made two religious-themed posts claiming gay and transgender people were bound for hell, along with alcoholics and worshipers of false idols.

A former club and country team-mate of Israel Folau has issued a stinging put-down following the full-back's decision to challenge his attempted sacking by Rugby Australia.

However, a spokeswoman for The Workplace Employment Lawyers said Rugby Australia can argue Folau they had the right to tear up his contract after he disobeyed the orders they gave him in regards to social media posting. He signed an undisclosed new deal past year, and made at least one list as the highest-paid rugby player in the world.

Castle said Folau was warned formally and repeatedly a year ago about the expectation of him as a Wallabies and Waratahs player in regards to his social media use, following some previous controversial posts, and asserts the gifted back has failed to meet those obligations.

Rugby Australia on Monday served the Test and NSW Waratahs back with a breach notice over his posts on social media platforms last week.

Folau may have grounds to fight the ruling, with RA's failure to include a social media clause in his new contract set to be a key element in his hearing.

"After the date for the hearing is confirmed Rugby Australia and the NSW Rubgy Union will make no further comment on the matter until the Code of Conduct process has concluded".

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However, two of rugby league's most respected stars Marshall and Graham do not believe Folau can return to the league.

Beaten in the 2015 World Cup final by New Zealand, Australia are coming off their worst season in decades and have fallen to number six in the world, with few giving them much chance of lifting the silverware in Japan.

Owens said he wouldn't officiate Folau any differently on the field if he does remain in the sport.

Following a service at the Truth Of Jesus Christ Church, he told the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper: "I share it with love".

"I've refereed those players in the past and they've treated me with respect", Owens said.

From those comments, Folau appears to be suggesting he is done with rugby.

"I really can't see him being allowed to play rugby league for what he said", Graham said.

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