Facing arrest on corruption, Peru's ex-president shoots himself

Evarado Alatorre
Abril 17, 2019

Garcia was taken to the Casimiro Ulloa hospital in the Peruvian capital, according to reports.

"This morning there was a regrettable accident: the president took the decision to shoot himself", Erasmo Reyna, Garcia's lawyer, told reporters outside the hospital. "Right now he's being operated on".

Former Peruvian president Alan Garcia has reportedly shot himself in the head as police arrived at his home to arrest him. Let's pray to God to give him strength'.

'At this moment, the patient has been in an operating room at said hospital since 7.10am, ' the ministry said.

It broadcast images of Garcia's son and supporters arriving at the hospital.

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Garcia, 69, served twice as president of Peru - first from 1985 to 1990 and again from 2006 to 2011 - as the leader for the center left Aprista Party.

Corruption cases have reached the highest levels in Peru politics, most notably involving officials and Odebrecht, the Brazilian construction giant that has admitted to spreading some $800 million U.S. in bribes to officials across Latin America, including $29 million in Peru.

In a 2016 plea agreement with the US Justice Department, the Brazilian company admitted that it paid corrupt officials across Latin America almost $800million to secure major infrastructure contracts.

Former president of Peru Alan Garcia arrives to the National Prosecution office to testify in Odebrecht case in Lima, Peru February 16, 2017. Uruguay rejected the request.

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