Egypt unveils Fifth Dynasty tomb adorned with colourful reliefs

Evarado Alatorre
Abril 17, 2019

The tomb belongs to a man named Khuwy who was one of the nobles living in the era of the fifth dynasty in the Old Kingdom.

The Ministry of Antiquities-Arab Republic of Egypt has informed via tweeter that "Minister of Antiquities with 52 foreign ambassadors, cultural attachés, & well-known Egyptian actress Yosra, to inspect a newly discovered tomb of a dignitary from the reign of king Djedkare." .

The discovery was made in March in Saqqara - a vast, ancient burial site serving as the necropolis for the Ancient Egyptian capital, Memphis - and archaeologists were taken aback by the vivid colours that survived more than four millennia. The tomb is located close to the pharaoh's pyramid in Saqqara and there are theories that Khuwy may have been related to Djedkare, Cairo Scene reported.

Khuwy's mummy and canopic jars were found fragmented into several pieces inside the tomb, but the paintings on the walls were remarkably well preserved. Recently, the scientists on a granite pillar were pushed in addition to the name of the Queen Setibhor, is likely to have been the wife of king Djedkare Isesis, the eighth and penultimate king of the fifth dynasty.

Egyptian archaeologists have unveiled an incredibly detailed and decorative tomb in the Giza Governorate.

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The design of the north wall and the entrance of the cemetery is simulated from the design of the royal pyramids of the Fifth Dynasty.

Mohamed Mujahid, head of the excavation team, says the tomb is L-shaped, with a small corridor leading down to an antechamber. The fifth Dynasty spanned from the 25th to the 24th century BCE.

The tomb is part of a massive necropolis at Saqqara, south of Cairo, and stands out for its distinctive design, according to an official video.

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