Avengers: Endgame directors plead for help from fans after footage leaks

Esequiel Farfan
Abril 17, 2019

Footage from the upcoming sequel to Avengers: Infinity War has made its way online, undermining months of carefully planned Marvel Studios marketing aimed at keeping as numerous film's secrets as possible.

"At a certain point, I'm sure we'll write another letter this year that asks everyone to stay off the internet", Joe Russo told Box Office Pro.

Don't make Thanos mad by spoiling Endgame.

In just a few short days, the highly-anticipated Avengers: Endgame will hit theaters, and Marvel fans may go insane.

The much awaited Hollywood movie Marvel Avengers Endgame has peaked the anticipation levels of all their fans around the world.

Here, the Marvel fans are not very pleased with what has happened and as far as possible, they encourage everyone not to watch and share- as that spoils the suspense. There are several users on social media also claimed to watched some portion of Avengers Endgame or entire film but none of the two people shared the same leak making it hard to believe that the film got leaked. Investing so deeply in every character and storyline. Laughing. Cheering Shedding tears. Giving so freely of your thoughts and emotions in spirited dialogue, theories, fan art and fan fiction'. Some fans who said they had viewed the leaks said they only increased their anticipation for the movie.

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The Russo brothers, directors on Endgame, put out an impassioned plea through social media earlier this morning, asking that people not spoil Endgame for others "the same way you wouldn't want it spoiled for you".

"Remember, Thanos still demands your silence", they continued - a reference to the film's main villain, a genocidal warlord played by Josh Brolin.

The film, which brings together multiple comic book characters, starts its rollout on April 24 in Australia and China before arriving in the United States on April 25.

Gixmodo reported that the leaked version of Avengers: Endgame is subtitled in Arabic and "appears to have been recorded during a screening of the film judging from the theatre seats visible in the frame".

Eleven years and 21 films later, Avengers Endgame will be the final film in the Infinity Saga.

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