Google Play Store Contaminated by Malware Called "Exodus"

Ceria Alfonso
Abril 16, 2019

Android users are being warned about a scary strain of malware discovered on Google Play Store apps.

Android has been subject to some high profile security alerts, such as the Judy malware campaign which saw up to 36.5million devices infected. This is why there are many reports of unexperienced Android fans deleting Google Play Services from their smartphones in order to free up storage space only to be left wondering to why their apps and mobile games are not working anymore.

The security researchers discovered a unsafe strain of malware of about 25 apps on the Google Play Store and "the malware was dubbed Exodus and had some terrifying functionality with it capable of rooting devices and boasting advanced spying features", the online publication mentioned above writes.

"As has been previously reported, some versions of the Android malware were present in the Google Play Store".

The malware was dubbed Exodus and has some terrifying functionality with it capable of rooting devices and boasting advanced spying features.

With these phones Exodus was capable of extracting passwords, chat logs, contact details as well as creating local audio and video recordings.

Any Android phones that are updated recently are immune to Exodus, but to root devices malware used an exploit called DirtyCOW, which was repaired by software giant in 2016.

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The existence of Exodus was revealed in a post online after an investigation by Security Without Borders and Motherboard.

It seems that Exodus has also made its way onto iOS devices.

The malware was circulated via phishing sites after the Apple Developer Enterprise programme was "abused".

Lookout, an IT security firm revealed in an online post that for the previous year, Lookout researchers have been tracking iOS and Android and surveillanceware that can photos, infiltrate contacts, location, audio recordings, and more from devices.

Thankfully, Google took care of things and removed the 25 apps which had the Exodus on board.

Following the exposure of Exodus Google took action and removed almost 25 apps from its Google Play Store.

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