Forza Street Launches on Windows 10, is Coming to Mobile

Ceria Alfonso
Abril 16, 2019

The game itself centers on street racing, as players take control of various vehicles, with the goal, of course, to win events.

The press release says that Forza Street focuses on "timing of gas, brake, and boost as the keys to victory", so it looks like it's being angled as more of a skill-based game than a traditional arcade racer from something like the Asphalt series. Microsoft today officially announced Forza Street, a free-to-play racing game that's out now for Windows 10 users, but will expand to Android and iOS phones and tablets later this year.

Microsoft previously released a free-to-play Forza game on Windows 10 called Forza Motorsport 6: Apex, but Forza Street won't be as demanding. "Whether players want to squeeze in a quick one-minute race or get immersed in a story campaign" Forza Street gives them those options.

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A new Forza spin-off is now available for free on PC, with mobile versions to follow soon.

"In Forza Street, new Forza fans and seasoned drivers alike can collect and assemble a legendary lineup of cars to compete in intense, cinematic races", Beaudoin explains. Windows 10 PC owners can download the game from the Microsoft Store now, but it's unclear when, exactly, the title will arrive for iOS and Android. Forza Street is far more palatable as an every-so-often distraction while you're watching TV or waiting in line than it is a sit-down-and-play desktop game.

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