Canada man disguised as delivery person shot woman with crossbow

Evarado Alatorre
Abril 16, 2019

Officers said they believe the incident was a "premeditated, targeted and isolated attack" based on the conversation between the woman and suspect before she was shot.

"Her life will never be the same".

Police said that the suspect shot the victim in the chest with an arrow launched from a crossbow inside the box after a brief conversation.

They say the crossbow used in this case was meant for large game hunting in order to "inflict the maximum amount of damage possible".

Peel Regional Police released surveillance video today of the November 7 attack as they appealed for help finding the attacker. She survived, but as Det.

Peel police say this is the type of crossbow that was used in the shooting.

Investigators have not ruled out that the man may have been hired to carry out the attack.

When paramedics arrived, they rushed her to a trauma centre, where she remained for several months.

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Kettles said the victim did not recognize her attacker and she has cooperated fully with police.

The day following the attack, forensic investigators searched the house and collected evidence including an arrow believed to have injured the woman as well as surveillance footage of the suspect and incident. They are still attempting to establish if the suspect was accompanied by anyone else. "We are open to anything at this point and we are looking at all possible investigative avenues", he said.

While the victim saw the suspect's face, she did not know him, Kettles said.

"The suspect may have attended with another individual", he said.

Police said the suspect may possibly have been wearing some other sort of head covering underneath his cap. "The face on its own, although that may not trigger anything, perhaps in conjunction with the cap that he's wearing and the shoes he's got on - that may mean something to somebody", Kettles said.

"There is no degree of licensing".

The two briefly exchanged words at the front door before the man fired the crossbow, hitting the woman with an arrow that caused life-threatening injuries.

"We are confident with assistance from the public and with current facial-recognition technology we will bring those responsible for this attack to justice", Peel Regional Police Supt.

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