God of War - Thank You

Ceria Alfonso
Abril 15, 2019

In just under a week from now, 2018's God of War will officially be one year old.

"I'm very happy to indulge you with a small token of our appreciation".

To celebrate the game's first anniversary and as a big thank you present to all the fans, you can get a free PlayStation 4 dynamic theme right now on the PlayStation Store, regardless of whether you actually have the game or not.

How do you feel about God of War a year on?

The developers at Santa Monica Studio have seen the passion of God of War fans - all the cosplay, videos, fanart, music, fun in-game selfies, and even a recreated scene by completely with Lego blocks - and in return gave them a warm tribute to their dedication and creativity.

"When Cory Barlog first brought us this transformative vision of a father and son embarking on an incredible journey together, a journey to honor a wife and a mother... but also one where a boy would teach his father how to be human again; and the father (Kratos) would teach his son how to be a measured god, we knew we had something special for our fans".

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"Yet, change is hard".

"Change to a longstanding franchise comes with immeasurable doubt, a studio-defining risk, and a huge leap of faith", she said.

Thank you...thank YOU. Thank you to our fans around the world. "We made this journey together".

"In 2015, we celebrated the 10 year anniversary of God of War, having started the saga back in 2005", read the blog post from Shannon Studstill, head of Santa Monica Studio.

This includes titles like Warhawk, Fat Princess, Twisted Metal and The Order: 1886.

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