Ford cranks up the EcoBoost Mustang with new high performance package

Ceria Alfonso
Abril 15, 2019

Ford has unveiled a new high-performance Mustang that is aimed directly at the enthusiasts out there wanting a auto that can compete on the autocross course.

Ford has created a more sporting version of its 2.3-litre Mustang with the addition of a Performance Package that unlocks more power and adds higher performance parts to the Ecoboost model.

Ford describes the High Performance model's development as a skunkworks project which started as a simple swap of a Focus RS engine into a standard EcoBoost model.

Not only does the engine make more horsepower than the Mustang's stock EcoBoost engine, but torque reaches its peak faster at 3,000 rpm, and holds to 4,500 rpm.

The Blue Oval brand says the Mustang 2,3L High Performance Package is "designed" to run hit 60 miles per hour (97 km/h) in the "mid-four-second range on premium fuel", with top speed increasing to 250 km/h. While Ford hasn't announced pricing yet, the higher-performance 2.3-liter model will be priced between a base vehicle with the Performance package and a Mustang GT, so expect an MSRP in the mid-$30,000 range.

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As spotted on the mule caught testing in Dearborn earlier in April, it's also equipped with an active, quad-tip exhaust system that is simultaneously neighbor- and hoon-friendly. Also standard is an alloy strut tower brace, four-piston fixed calipers in front and antiroll bars front and back.

It wasn't that long ago that you had to buy the Mustang GT with a V8 to get that level of power. The chassis can be upgraded further with the optional Handling Package, which brings magnetically-controlled damping, Torsen LSD and 265-width Pirelli P-Zero Corsas.

We don't know pricing yet, but with every box checked you can bet this one will be bumping up against the GT. Ford says this setup is better for autocrossers, while the GT is more classic Mustang.

The 2.3-liter High Performance Package will be available on the '20 Mustang coupe and convertible and is visually set off by its black "whisker" hood decals and a front splitter, grille, and rear spoiler from the GT Performance package.

It's been quite a project, too, with members of Ford's United States team flying over to the Valencia plant where the company's 2.3s are made to help specify a whole new iteration of it, with a new cylinder head and larger turbo.

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