Climate change protesters threaten to block central London roads

Federico Mansilla
Abril 15, 2019

Waterloo Bridge is a major bus route and the protestors from the group Extinction Rebellion delayed the journeys of far more public transport users than the vehicle drivers they claim should switch to more sustainable modes.

Hundreds of protesters slept in tents in Hyde Park overnight and many more from around the United Kingdom are expected to join them at five makeshift camps across London for the protest, expected to last at least a week. Extinction Rebellion have organised a nationwide week of action, they are calling for a full-scale Rebellion to demand decisive action from governments on climate change and ecological collapse.

The group, which is supported by a slew of academics, scientists and celebrities, including the former Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams and American actor Willem Dafoe, claims that more than 3,000 people will take part in protests in the city.

Extinction Rebellion said: "We've tried petitions, marches, letters, reports, papers, meetings, even direct actions; and global emissions have continued to rise".

"Governments prioritise the short-term interests of the economic elites so, to get their attention, we have to disrupt the economy".

Eighty-five people were arrested in London in November when thousands of protesters, including families and pensioners, occupied five bridges.

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The group is demanding immediate action over environmental destruction, after dire predictions that humans face an existential threat if climate change and the loss of biodiversity continues.

Environmental protesters have briefly blocked Waterloo Bridge in London and cut off access to other landmarks as they try to bring the city to a standstill.

In London, protesters are seeking to block roads at four key sites in the capital.

"They will be blocking five of the city's busiest and most iconic locations in a non-violent, peaceful act of rebellion where they invite people to join them for several days of creative, artist-led resistance".

The Met said it had "appropriate policing plans" in place for the demonstrations and officers from across the force would be used "to support the public order operation".

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