Nexus 6P Class Action Lawsuit Give Users $400

Ceria Alfonso
Abril 14, 2019

To recall, Google and Huawei got involved in a lawsuit over boot loop issues on some of the Nexus 6P devices.

According to the documents related to the lawsuit, many Huawei Nexus 6P users encountered a number of problems with their smartphones such as their devices would often stick in bootloops where it wouldn't boot and a factory reset wasn't an option either. To make matters even worse, there is also a battery drain issue that makes it impossible for people to use their Nexus 6P on a daily basis.

However, the proposed settlement states that users who experienced the alleged bootloop and battery drain issues on multiple Nexus 6P units and submit documentation of the issues faced would receive up to $400. Naturally, this turned into a class-action lawsuit against the two companies, alleging that both had breached warranty and therefore consumer rights. It seems that the owners of the Nexus 6P are going to get justice because Google and Huawei have made a decision to settle the class-action by paying up to $400 to eligible Nexus 6P owners.

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After a long legal battle, Google and Huawei have agreed to pay Nexus 6P owners for the problems they faced because of the faulty devices. So, if the court gives a nod to the proposal at the next hearing, which is scheduled to take place on May 9, the users in the USA would be eligible for claiming reimbursement. Those who have encountered unexpected shutdowns or have gotten stuck in bootloops are eligible to get up to $400 from the two tech companies. Others dealt with accelerated battery drain, forcing the device to power down at random times, even if it had been recently fully charged. However, note that there's no website yet for you to file a claim - the courts need to approve everything first, which should happen in the next month or so.

The report clarified that those users planning to claim reimbursement money will have to submit a proper document, otherwise, they will be eligible for up to $75. But those that received a Pixel XL in the warranty exchange program will be eligible for up to $10. Ae you happy about this settlement?

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