Are you taking good care of your kidneys? Here's how you can

Maricruz Casares
Marcha 17, 2019

To mark the occasion of World Kidney Day, an awareness programme was organised at Bee Enn Hospital here on Thursday, which was attended by a number of consultants, resident doctors and paramedical staff. The #850Strong walk will be at Leslie Porter Park at 10 a.m.

People with high blood pressure are also at a greater risk of developing kidney diseases, said Dr Zehra, of National Institute of Kidney and Urological Diseases. It is known that such medicines cause kidney damage and disease when they are taken regularly. The vice chancellor King Edward Medical University, Lahore, Prof Khalid Masood Gondal in his speech at the seminar emphasized the importance of prevention of kidney diseases by early detection and control of diabetes and hypertension.

"When people come to these kinds of screenings, they become more aware of all of the diseases we have on this island, including high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol", she added. People with pre-existing heart, liver or kidney conditions are at even higher risk of kidney damage when taking NSAIDs.

Health organizations organize this campaign globally to spread messages about kidney diseases, complications, and prevention and cure all across the countries. From removing waste and excess fluids as urine by filtering the blood to keeping a check on the body's salt, potassium, and acid levels, these 150-170 gram-organs perform these life-sustaining tasks and more for the body.

Obesity is considered the root cause of many problems including kidney failures.

In a speech read on his behalf by Manicaland provincial medical director Dr Patron Mafaune during World Kidney Day commemorations at Mutare Provincial Hospital yesterday, Minister of Health and Child Care Dr Obadiah Moyo said his ministry through the health levy was providing subsidies for dialysis so that it is offered for free. Testing is important because if kidney disease is detected early, its progression can often be slowed or stopped with lifestyle and diet changes, as well as medications. According to the experts, the main symptoms and features of kidney diseases include swollen face and feet, tiredness, lack of appetite, lack of concentration, blood in urine, frothy urine, vomiting, difficulty in breathing etc.

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Another preventable cause, particularly in an Indian context, is renal tract stone disease.

Poorly functioning kidneys can result in electrolyte imbalances. Proper control of calcium, phosphorus, intact parathyroid hormone and 25 hydroxyvitamin D levels in patients with CKD is very crucial to prevent and delay the progression of CKD.

If your urine has excessive bubbles or takes several flushes to go away, it may be a sign of kidney disease.

He said: "We know from experience that most kidney diseases tend to occur in the middle and low socioeconomic group to which the population here belongs".

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If you are placed on drugs like diuretics or ACE inhibitors to treat blood pressure problems or glaucoma, follow up with tests and doctor consultation as advised.

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