Gov. Parson discusses state response as flooding worsens in Northwest Missouri

Evarado Alatorre
Marcha 16, 2019

Governor Mike Parson met with emergency management officials Friday as flooding worsens across northwest Missouri.

A flood warning issued Wednesday by the National Weather Service in Des Moines remains in effect until 10:15 a.m. Thursday for Dallas and Guthrie counties. The state's emergency operations center has already been activated. SEMA also supplied St. Joseph with a sandbagging machine.

In Omaha, the National Weather Service office was evacuated due to flooding concerns. He says there's snow in Minnesota and Wisconsin that's yet to melt.

A flood watch is in place for areas including the Speed River through Cambridge, Conestogo River through St. Jacobs and the Grand River through West Montrose. Within hours of that request, anyone left in the city found all access in and out cut off by floodwaters from the Elkhorn River.

Since approximately 6:30 Tuesday morning, the Big Blue River has been at or above flood stage in Marshall County.

"I would not say the plan is in danger as it is operating safely at 100 percent and would be taken off line safely as well if necessary", Becker said.

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Travelers already on I-29 North Drivers who are now heading north on I-29 should use U.S. 71 North north of St. Joseph to I-35 if possible.

The NWS has warned residents that flash flooding can be deadly and has issued warnings and advice for those who live in affected areas.

The storm's heavy rainfall has caused major flooding and damaged roads and bridges in Iowa, Nebraska and Missouri. You can also use the free mobile map app, available by searching for "MoDOT" on Apple or Google Play app stores.

NEVER, ever, move or drive past Road Closed signs. Water in that location is now subsiding, but only after a portion of the city was submerged.

Where water is over the road, DO NOT ADVANCE if you can not see pavement below.

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