Verizon will switch on mobile 5G in Chicago and Minneapolis April 11th

Galtero Lara
Marcha 14, 2019

The company's mobile implementation, and all future Verizon 5G services, will use the NR standard from the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP).

Without the 5G service, Verizon's three unlimited plans cost $75, $85, or $95 a month for a single line and differ based on throttling policies, video quality, and mobile hotspot data limits.

Unfortunately, Verizon customers are going to be paying more for 5G. If the merger is blocked, Verizon will have less competition dominating the 5G market in the U.S. AT&T is also upgrading its networks to 5G. The Moto Z3 launched several months ago and is ready to deliver 5G speeds as soon as you cough up the cash for the brand new 5G Moto Mod that goes along with it.

As the battle for "first to 5G" heats up among the Big Four wireless carriers in the United States, it appears Verizon is taking the lead.

The 5G Moto Mod for Motorola's Moto Z3
The 5G Moto Mod for Motorola's Moto

In Chicago, that will mean 5G service in The Loop, Magnificent Mile, The Gold Coast, River North, and Old Town. Of course, you'll need a compatible phone and there are none at this point. 5G service in Minneapolis will be in Downtown West, Downtown East, and Elliot Park. "Not all 5G networks are the same", Malady said in a statement. Verizon is also giving away free Moto z3s to folks who pre-order tomorrow and add a new line of service on a device payment plan, but if you're not looking to add another line, you can upgrade to the z3 for $10 per month on a device payment plan. You might want to wait a while before buying a 5G phone, though. But Samsung has yet to announce a release date for it.

While Verizon is leading the charge to test its 5G services, industry analysts say the higher-speed networks are unlikely to be widely available until the middle of the next decade.

Motorola's 5G add-on costs $350 (about £265, AU$495), as much as the the Moto Z3 itself at some online retailers. The first 5G-enabled smartphone to accompany the service is the Motorola moto z3 with the 5G moto mod, which will be available for pre-order on March 14.

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