Kelly's child support case refuses to reduce his payments

Esequiel Farfan
Marcha 14, 2019

"I take full responsibility", Angelo responded. "See, everybody else can talk it".

When she was 17, Azriel was invited to go on tour with the R&B star - something her parents were hesitant about, but reluctantly said yes to because teen allegedly threatened to kill herself had they refused.

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Though they wanted to fully support their daughter, whom they say had attempted suicide after a bad breakup before she met Kelly, Azriel gave them an ultimatum. She added that, in the beginning of her Azriel's "professional" relationship with the singer, she also "had to prove [her] loyalty to him by any means necessary... she was lying and duping us and pulling the wool over our eyes from the beginning". "I trusted my daughter would be honest with us and this was strictly about her music". I should have saw the change in my baby girl instead of the love that we instilled in her that she was showing us and putting on a charade. Greenberg claimed that he was already looking for ways to reduce them before he was arrested last week. And she really carry out this? "I am fighting for my f***ing life!"

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"This is what you guys fail to realize, it was not just R. Kelly that was doing this", she claimed. We sat with him in his studio.

Police rushed to R. Kelly's home on Tuesday following a call claiming his girlfriends were attempting to carry out a "suicide pact". In the documentary, Joycelyn and Azriel's parents alleged their daughters are victims of the disgraced singer's brainwashing.

According to TMZ, the call had come from the National Human Trafficking Hotline, and the "I Believe I Can Fly" singer - who was recently charged with 10 counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse - had been meeting with his legal team at his house for at least two hours before police arrived. The parents deny either charge.

The next child support case hearing will take place on May 8. He made bail once again, and is expected in court on Wednesday. Kelly maintains his innocence against all allegations.

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