Facebook down for many users, even today

Ceria Alfonso
Marcha 14, 2019

According to DownDetector, Facebook related outages affected the UK, India, Canada, Turkey and the Philippines, as well as specific USA states, and parts of South America.

As of early Thursday the problem remained in parts of Europe and Asia, although moaning from America and else where kept coming.

"Account Temporarily Unavailable", was a message that some Facebook users from across the globe discovered on checking their pages. Many people report a similar problem in which they can see their timelines but cannot make posts.

In some cases the apps could be accessed but would not load posts or handle missives.

While some are reporting slower loading times or the inability to send messages, some are saying they can't login to the site at all or use the app.

Photo-sharing app Instagram announced it was back up and running, but users are still having difficulty accessing Facebook, according to Down Detector.

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Facebook did not say what was causing the outages.

The coordinated timing of the outages led to speculation Facebook had been hit by a distributed denial-of-service attack (DDoS), a common form of cyber attack that disrupts a site's services.

The social network said there was no update of the situation as evening arrived in California.

Some users said it was a reminder not to "have all of your eggs in one basket" when it came to running a business.

Facebook was not immediately available for comment, so it was unclear whether the problems with Ads Manager were related to the mass outages affecting the rest of the social network. According to testing done by The Epoch Times, as of 4:15 p.m. ET, Facebook was still down.

Facebook, Instagram and Facebook Messenger are down for a number of users. Facebook said it was still investigating the overall impact, "including the possibility of refunds for advertisers". "We've provided public testimony, answered questions, and pledged that we will continue to do so". Some users have regular access, and some have intermittent access.

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