Drug Charge Results in Halted Sales of ‘Yakuza’ Spin-Off Game ‘Judgment’

Ceria Alfonso
Marcha 14, 2019

Before becoming an actor, Taki was a musician, co-founding the popular synthpop group Denki Groove. According to The Mainichi, the 51-year-old actor was arrested for use of cocaine yesterday.

Taki has subsequently been placed under arrest, and has admitted "There is no mistake that I used cocaine". Taki not only added his voice and likeness to Judgment, but also did motion capture work for his character, Kyohei Hamura. Until further notice, Sega has made a decision to to put a stop in shipments and digital sales for Judgment, and will refrain from further updating the game's official website.

"The arrest of Pierre Taki, who is featured in our company's title Judge Eyes, is something we find deeply regrettable". "For the time being, we will voluntarily refrain from shipments and digital sales of Judgment, as well as from things like posting the product's homepage". We apologize for any inconvenience caused to our customers and related parties.

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Judgment is due to be released in the United Kingdom and other countries in June.

Update 1:34 a.m.: The Wall Street Journal reporter Takashi Mochizuki reported on Twitter that Sega is now discussing its course of action regarding the western release of Judgment, and that a decision has not yet been made. All this fuss may seem a bit overblown to Western eyes, particularly given Taki is playing a mob boss in a video game for adults, but Japan has a very stringent anti-drug culture and accompanying laws. The game releases in North America and Europe on June 25, 2019.

Judgment, the upcoming detective brawler set in the Yakuza universe, has been pulled from sale in Japan after actor Pierre Taki was arrested for drug use in his native Tokyo. The publisher has even gone as far as to delete its own tweets referencing the game. He is also the voice of the snowman Olaf in the Japanese version of Disney's Frozen. It has to be heartbreaking for everybody involved with creating, localizing, and promoting the game both inside and outside of Japan.

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