Victoria to participate in global student strike for the climate

Federico Mansilla
Marcha 13, 2019

'If this teacher is found to have used his privileged position as an educator to influence students, he can face action, ' he said.

Tens of thousands of children and young people are expected to take part in the next global climate strike which takes place this Friday, 15 March 2019, in nearly 100 countries worldwide and up to 100 locations across the UK.

The organizers of #Friday forfuture want to make on Friday so comprehensive worldwide school strikes for the climate on the legs as never before. Strikes are planned for Friday in Boulder, Denver, Fort Collins and Parker, joining some 700 similar actions across 71 countries. As Greta says, "If you think we should be in school instead, then we suggest that you take our place in the streets, striking from your work or join us, it will make it quicker ... saying everything is all right while doing nothing is just not hopeful".

"And our government refused to listen".

In an open letter, youth activists behind the climate protests told decision-makers they are "going to change the fate of humanity, whether you like it or not".

High School and University students from Kelowna will be joining Thunberg and a reported 92 other countries across the world in the Global Climate Strike for Future demonstration when they walk "out of classes and [protest] inaction and apathy around climate change", read a statement from the Kelowna Youth Climate Strike Team. But students bunking off school would be dealt with accordingly, he said.

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"With our collective energy, the intention of this strike is to actively embody the vision ... for a safe, equitable, and sustainable future for all", said UVic student organizer Antonia Paquin.

Palmerston North Girls' High School principal Karene Biggs said five of her students requested to go. But the one thing we need more than hope is action.

"Young people are very aware of what our future will be if climate change is not addressed".

Thunberg says even if young people put pressure on adults, it is up to world leaders to make changes now that her generation can inherit.

Most climate strikers learn about the causes and dangers of climate change at school and it is their passion for their education that pushes them to take a stand on the issue.

While on a family holiday on the Western Coast of Mexico, I went to visit what was known in our guide book as "one of the most stunning coral reefs in the area". "The science has been clear for a really long time, but we've never really faced the issue head on".

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