Teen defies mother, gets vaccines after turning 18

Maricruz Casares
Febrero 13, 2019

Can I get vaccinated at my age? got over 1,000 responses and thousands of upvotes. All 50 allow it for medical reasons.

Wheeler told online science magazine Undark that her son's decision felt like a "slap in the face".

'But, I'm a senior in high school now with a vehicle, a licence, and money of my own.

"Her response was simply "that's what they want you to think", he recalled.

"Across the USA, minors generally can not consent to their own health care; however, there are several federal and state laws that permit a minor to consent to his or her own medical treatment in specific circumstances, but it does not usually include immunizations".

The Centers for Disease Control reports outbreaks of measles and mumps throughout the U.S.

Now that he is a legal adult, he has gotten vaccinations for HPV, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, and influenza.

After Mr. Lindenberger reviewed scientific papers, journals and CDC studies on vaccines, he chose to get vaccinated for hepatitis A, hepatitis B, influenza and HPV, according to a shot record viewed by the Post. "You did make a bad decision and I'm gonna go fix it'". The other must be a paperwork mistake, she said.

Lindenberger's decision to get vaccinated comes as the percentage of young children in the United States who have received no vaccines continues to rise. He read up on the dangers of anti-vaxxing and even pulled up CDC studies on his phone at the dinner table, he told the Washington Post.

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"I, as well as my siblings, hold the ideology that vaccines are a public health issue, and a personal responsibility to the benefit of the population, not a right you can revoke from your children", the teenager wrote. "Being vaccinated provides very good protection against the measles".

Meanwhile, a measles outbreak among anti-vaxx communities in NY and Washington state have many doctors concerned.

Another teenager, who in September identified himself as a 15-year old from Minnesota, asked Reddit for help to parse state laws in an effort to gain immunization himself.

OH is one of 17 states where parents can opt out of vaccinating their children for philosophical reasons.

In light of the measles outbreak spreading across the Pacific Northwest, one teen, who was raised by anti-vaxx parents, celebrated his 18th birthday by taking his health into his own hands.

The tension has complicated his home life.

In a popular Reddit post in November, he sought information about how to get his first vaccines.

A 23-year-old Canadian told Salon that she started researching how to get immunized on her own around the age of 13. She also recommends consulting with your healthcare provider.

"As I became a teenager and looked into it and decided that the evidence supported vaccines by and large, and that the evidence that they cause autism and brain damage and other misinformed statements weren't true", he said.

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