Trump administration unveils order to prioritise and promote AI

Ceria Alfonso
Febrero 12, 2019

President Trump is expected to sign an executive order for an "American AI Initiative" today, which aims to prioritize AI development in the U.S.

A senior administration official said the plan does not include funding details and it's up to Congress to appropriate money.

"Continued American leadership in Artificial Intelligence is of paramount importance to maintaining the economic and national security of the United States", Trump said.

Ivanka Trump and Chris Liddell, a former Microsoft chief financial officer who is now a deputy chief of staff to the president, planned to attend the signing ceremony, according to a statement the White House issued in advance.

Establish standards: It will direct the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to create standards that foster the development of "reliable, robust, trustworthy, secure, portable, and interoperable AI systems".

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Create resources: It will seek to make federal data, computer models, and computing resources available to AI researchers.

Worldwide links: The US will collaborate on AI with other nations, but ensure that it develops in a way that works with American "values and interests". Eighteen other countries have beaten America to the punch in that regard.

Artificial intelligence is seen as a way to generate advancements across multiple fields, from defense to health care to transportation. Lastly, the US will foster worldwide collaboration for AI.

MIT Technology Review reported that the "American AI Initiative" has five main goals: Redirect investments, develop AI research resources, create AI standards, prepare American workers for AI changes, and engage in global AI efforts.

The executive order gives the NSTC Select Committee 90 days to pass along recommendations to the NSTC for how to implement such a program.

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