Resist the Boiling Water Challenge

Maricruz Casares
Febrero 12, 2019

They show people in parts of the US hit by the polar vortex and record low temperatures throwing hot water into the air and watching it turn to ice crystals in the freezing air. Vicik cited injuries to the "feet, arms, hands, face, and varying degrees of burns, as well", in her incident report.

Americans have been warned to stop trying the "boiling water challenge" after several cases of people being burned. The Loyola University wasn't the lone medical facility in the MidWest to accept "Boiling Water" dimwits.

One person was treated at the University of Iowa Burn Treatment Centre in Iowa City, and Hennepin Healthcare in Minneapolis said a couple of people have been treated there in recent weeks. When it's 20 below outside, the devil comes in many shapes and sizes. Unfortunately, the stunt is sending people to the hospital because of burns.

That's also what they're finding at Hennepin Healthcare, said Angie Whitley, the clinical care supervisor in the hospital's burn center.

Every winter we see the videos of people throwing water into super cold air, where it instantly freezes.

Hot water challenge" leaves teen with 2nd-degree burns and right: "A photographer shares a stunning photo of the "Boiling Water Challenge".

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A breakdown in the polar vortex, which normally circulates strong winds around the northern pole, sent that icy blast southward in the past couple of weeks.

Water will accelerate the freezing of the skin, and increase the risk of a cold injury to the skin. People throw hot water into extremely cold air to see what happens. "That's a bigger risk, actually". "There is no safe way to do it", said Loyola burn surgeon Dr Arthur Sanford to the.

Chicago's Cook County Health chairman of emergency medicine Jeff Schaider advised the public not to try the boiling water challenge.

The spectacular frosty mist, as shown in tweets by successful challengers, is tempting to try, but don't get tricked.

So there you have it. Throwing boiling water over your head is a bad idea.

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