Mars One is dead

Federico Mansilla
Febrero 12, 2019

The company generated headlines around the world for its plan to set up a colony on Mars, partly funded via a reality television show and merchandising. The Swiss-based Ventures AG was declared bankrupt by a Basel court on January 15th and was, at the time, valued at nearly $100 million.

Mars One made documentary videos about their red planet volunteers, which were sold on to broadcasters and buyers, and had planned to bring the intrepid colonizers to "a desert location to test their team skills" before setting off for Mars in 2026.

Mars One Ventures AG, a Dutch company that planned human settlement on Mars, has declared bankruptcy.

According to the organization, around 200,000 applications were submitted although one source, a finalist that in 2015 claimed the whole thing was a scam, said the actual number of applications received was just 2,761.

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Mars One Ventures, the financial arm of the project listed on the Frankfurt stock exchange via a reverse takeover in 2016 and was declared bankrupt last month.

'The Mars One Foundation is actively continuing its efforts to secure funding for mission next steps, either through the listed company or directly into the foundation'.

The Mars One project has been criticised in the past, with researchers at MIT suggesting that Lansdorp's project would result in the deaths of those who traveled to Mars.

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