George Clooneys Catch-22 reflects on insanity of war

Esequiel Farfan
Febrero 12, 2019

Congrats to all the high schoolers reading Catch-22 next year, because Hulu's making the assignment much easier with a six-episode limited series adaptation of Joseph Heller's classic novel, debuting on May 17.

Hulu has unveiled the first look at its upcoming adaption of Catch-22 from George Clooney. He, Heslov and Ellen Kuras each directed two episodes of the six-part series.

Based on Joseph Heller's novel of the same name, Catch-22 is a six-part limited series capturing the "adventures and misadventures" of a USA air squadron during World War II.

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Clooney pulls triple duty as the director and executive producer the series with partner Grant Heslov (Good Night and Good Luck), and as the Lieutenant (later Colonel and eventually General) Scheisskopf, whose ambition and odd fixation on parades present a major obstacle for Christopher Abbott's protagonist Captain John Yossarian.

Yossarian's real problem is not the enemy, however, but rather his own army which keeps increasing the number of missions the men must fly to complete their service. And both Clooney and Abbott, as well as stars Kyle Chandler and Hugh Laurie, take center stage in the first Catch-22 teaser released by Hulu. He is also held up by the sinister rule that if a pilot is requesting to not do their missions, they are sane and ineligible to be removed from duty, whereas those who continue to fly into danger willingly are deemed insane.

The novel was previously adapted into a feature film directed by Mike Nichols in 1970, which wasn't a success at the start but has since been considered a cult favorite by critics and audiences.

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