Google Maps' AR navigation feature arriving soon for some users

Ceria Alfonso
Febrero 11, 2019

The WSJ got access to a phone from Google with Google Maps AR on it for testing, putting into place a lot of what we already know about the system.

Although the Google Maps AR feature was announced halfway through 2018, it has not yet arrived on any consumer devices, but The Wall Street Journal has been able to test out an early version of it.

Essentially one can point the camera in their real world surroundings and Google Maps will overlay navigation instructions on top of that.

While the feature still relies on Global Positioning System to find out where you are, it uses Street View data to pinpoint your location.

Google Maps' new AR-powered navigation is going to be a really important step forward for navigation once the feature is actually rolled out to everyone.

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Google Maps would then compare the buildings and landmarks with the Street View data it has gathered.

Google didn't announce when the Google Maps AR navigation feature will be downloadable for everyone, however, it will be interesting to see how it will elevate people's routes in the near future.

If you are a Google Maps Local Guide in the USA, you should check out this feature today. After it has done this, it then creates directions for the user based on the location. It will prompt users to put it down after a short while. Even though Google Maps and other navigation apps make it incredibly easy to get somewhere, it's still incredibly hard to find out exactly where you are going, especially in new cities. This feature is also claimed to help users save the battery. The company originally introduced the AR navigation feature at a developers conference previous year.

Surprisingly though, Google doesn't want you to depend on AR too much when you're on trips.

Past year at Google I/O, Google previewed a new navigation system within Google Maps that uses AR to guide you to places.

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