Fitbit's New Health Tracker Can Be Accessed Only Through Insurer Or Employer

Ceria Alfonso
Febrero 11, 2019

The company launched a new product called Fitness Inspire on Friday, a new solution for employees and health insurance members.

Fitbit recently expanded its portfolio with two new fitness trackers - Fitbit Inspire and Inspire HR.

Fitbit, one of the most recognized names in fitness wearables, has a new model out, but rather than its specs or features, it's the way it's being made available that's the biggest difference. The company says that it is the cheapest tracker yet from the company but won't reveal the price because it may vary considering it is bought and sold in bulk. The tracker comes with a touch screen for interaction and can be used while swimming. Fitbit claims the Inspire fitness band's battery can last up to five days on a full charge. The Fitbit Inspire HR can also track sleep stages (light, deep, REM) and can record real-time pace and distance via your smartphone's Global Positioning System.

Fitbit Inspire's HR variant includes heart rate tracking and a couple of other features.

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Arriving as a fully subsidized product meant to be distributed in mass quantities, Fitbit is promoting its new tracker as a way to encourage the well being of health care recipients. While the product listing for the Inspire HR says that it comes with a silicon band, the Inspire has a clip accessory which is sold separately.

Given that nothing substantial is known about this upcoming fitness tracker, it's unlikely to get launched before the end of Q2 2019.

Both however feature sleep, calories, steps and other trackers.

Apart from the leaked images and the fact that the device is aimed at kids, there's no more information available about this fitness tracker at this time.

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