AAF draws strong ratings in debut

Jose Verdugo
Febrero 11, 2019

The folks behind the Alliance of American Football agree, and as such, the nascent league will make its debut on Saturday evening.

Saturday's AAF debut, which featured a pair of games on CBS, registered a 2.1 rating, according to Sports Business Journal, a strong start for a league that hopes to capture football fans' attention during the NFL offseason. Once an National Football League season comes to an end on the first Sunday in February, fans of the spot have to go months before any college or professional games occur. The Memphis Express is on the road to Birmingham to take on the Iron for the first game of the day.

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The score also gave the Hotshots their first lead and they led their opponent, Salt Lake, 8-0 after a quarter in what became a 38-22 win over the Stallions at Sun Devil Stadium.

If today's games are anything like last night's, there will be plenty of heavy hits, mic'd up refs, and fast-paced play. There's the NFL Draft, and training camps, and the preseason, and spring games for college teams, but there's no football with any sort of stakes for half a year.

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