Tokyo 2020 medal project expected to reach recycling goals

Federico Mansilla
Febrero 10, 2019

All medals for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics will be made from metal collected by recycling electronic waste, games organisers said on Friday.

There was "huge levels of support from the public and companies across Japan and from national and worldwide athletes", said the committee.

All Olympic and Paralympic medals can be made from devices already donated, the committee is estimating, with nationwide collection scheduled to stop on 31 March.

A project was started in 2017 to collect enough electronic waste, including old smartphones and laptops, to implement the scheme.

The committee met its target of 2,700kg of bronze in June 2018, while nearly 94 percent of the 30.3kg gold target and over 85 percent of the 4,100kg silver target was met in October.

By November 2018, 47,488 tonnes of discarded devices had been collected, with the public handing in another five million used phones to a local network provider.

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The project has offered the public an opportunity to play an important role in the Games' preparations.

"Their [the public's] cooperation will help to promote sustainability in Japan, one of Tokyo 2020's planned legacies", a statement said.

That plan has now taken another step to becoming a reality, as the committee says people and companies in Japan have shown great support in donating unwanted or discarded gadgets.

Bach joined Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike at an event billed at demonstrating the sustainability of the Games.

Japan has almost hit its goal for collecting e-waste that will be used to create the 2020 Tokyo Olympics medals, officials have announced.

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