Fortnite announces Valentine's Day event

Ceria Alfonso
Febrero 10, 2019

Jump in for special rewards and Challenges starting February 8 until February 27.

Fortnite welcomes Valentine's Day with a new Share the Love event which introduces new Overtime Challenges, double XP and some other goodies.

Players who now support a Creator or enter a Creator Code between 8 - 22 February will receive the free Cuddle Hearts Wrap wrap when the v7.40 update releases. We have you covered! You'll receive the item wrap when the v7.40 update releases. According to the Fortnite studio, "Did you complete your 10 weekly Challenges and are looking for more?"

Also arriving with the 7.40 update will be a new set of Overtime challenges, which will be available through the end of the season.

Complete these new challenges by the end of Season 7 (expected to finish on 28 February) to unlock five new rewards including the Valentine Wrap and Vines Contrail.

As an incentive for players to upgrade their Battle Pass, all players will receive double XP during the weekends in February. More than enough time to make that big boy on my own.

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If you're a fan of Fortnite's Creative mode, then the Share the Love event also has a nice update for you to look forward to. Starting on February 12 and ending on February 22, players will be able to experience a rotating set of featured islands in Fortnite Creative.

The placement matches for Fortnite's "Share the Love" competitive series begin tomorrow, February 9 and over the weekend players will be placed into four divisions.

Epic Games has been using tournaments like this as a way to get selected in future events so this is still something worth competing in even if there isn't any money up for grabs.

There'll be a few new features to the tournament structure added throughout the Share the Love Competitive Series, with more unlocking with the v7.40 update.

Players can unlock their position in each additional division by earning a pin during the daily sessions.

How do you feel about the Feel the Love event? Players who manage to earn a pin during a Champion Division session will unlock access to the Champion Division Finals to take place February 23 and 24.

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