Fortnite account merges are finally here and this is how they work

Ceria Alfonso
Febrero 10, 2019

The inciting incident of the PlayStation cross-play fiasco has finally been resolved in Fortnite. In other words: if you played on PS4 then on Switch, you can merge them and pick a primary (the secondary gets disabled).

The catch? That process takes about two weeks, and you will lose access to the secondary account during the process. One of the accounts being merged must have played on Xbox One or Switch before September 2018, and the other account must have played on PS4 before September 2018.

If you have duplicate 3rd party login like Facebook on both your Primary and Secondary account, the Secondary login will be unlinked. A holding period to make sure you're not trying anything phishy like stealing somebody else's account, I guess.

It's a pretty inelegant solution to an awkward problem, but at least some sort of progress has been made.

Linking console logins will let you merge all of your Fortnite cosmetic items and V-Bucks into one account, so if you play Fortnite on PS4, Xbox One, and Switch, here's what you need to do.

Your account must not now be banned or disabled.

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Merging accounts will transfer your V-Bucks and cosmetic items from Battle Royale.

With a little patience, however, you could soon have all of your Fortnite victories housed in a single, unified account that can be used on every platform. The biggest stuff you'll have to leave behind on your secondary account are any Creative Mode Islands you've built and any Save The World mission/level progress (individual items like Llamas and Heroes will transfer).

Your account must not now be banned or disabled. To be absolutely clear, merging two Fortnite accounts means the primary account will receive transferred inventory items while the secondary account gets deleted.

Sign in to the secondary account.

Wait 2 weeks for items to arrive in the primary account.

You can begin the process by heading on over to the official site, where Epic has set up a page especially for this.

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