Facebook acquires AI Shopping Startup

Ceria Alfonso
Febrero 10, 2019

The company didn't disclose it's joining Facebook.

On Friday, the company made a move to beef up those capabilities even further by acquiring GrokStyle, an app that was used artificial intelligence to identify furniture and home decor from a picture.

GrokStyle, which was founded in 2016 according to CrunchBase, is a San Francisco startup specializing in visual search.

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Facebook could use the underlying AI technology and GrokStyle's employees to bolster its own efforts in the field. "Their team and technology will contribute to our AI capabilities", CNET quoted Facebook spokeswoman Vanessa Chan as saying.

On its website, GrokStyle said it is "winding down" its business, but that it is "moving on as a team" along with its technology.

"We founded GrokStyle to reimagine the retail experience". In practice, the computer vision app matches user's furniture photos to online products that they could then go and buy. The company is known for technology that allows shoppers to search for furniture and other items by taking photos with their phones. The founders of the project presented the basic technology of GrokStyle at SIGGRAPH and received a grant of 225 thousand dollars, and by 2017, has attracted another $ 2 million. from the National science Foundation for the development of the application. The company purchased at least four firms a year ago, including startups focused on messaging and AI.

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