A Boatload of Classic RPGs Are Coming to Consoles in 2019

Ceria Alfonso
Febrero 10, 2019

Baldur's Gate was developed by Bioware and Black Isle Studios in 1998, Planescape: Torment was developed by Black Isle Studios in 1999, Neverwinter Nights came from Bioware in 2002, and Icewind Dale came from Black Isle Studios in 2000.

In a press release from Skybound, retail and digital are mentioned among the options available for purchase.

While most of these games were originally built around mouse and keyboard controls, modern games like Divinity: Original Sin and Pillars of Eternity that were heavily inspired by them have managed to adapt to traditional console controllers in recent years.

Skybound Games is partnering with Canadian video game publisher, developer and distributor Beamdog to bring classic roleplaying games to consoles. Skybound Games is also the company that swooped in after the collapse of Telltale Games to salvage The Walking Dead The Final Season.

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Beamdog is known for bringing enhanced versions of Dungeons & Dragons videogames to fans both new and old on the PC platform, including the critically acclaimed Baldur's Gate, Neverwinter Nights and Planescape: Torment. "These upcoming releases will allow RPG fans the opportunity to experience epic Dungeons & Dragons adventures in a whole new way". Each title will be on display at Skybound's booth from March 28 until March 31.

"We are ecstatic to partner with Skybound Games to bring these great classics to new platforms", said Trent Oster, Beamdog CEO. "We're thrilled to find ourselves working with such a talented group".

No release dates or even consoles have been announced yet, though release dates may be coming closer to PAX East.

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