These Mobile Apps Could Be "Stalking" Your Every iPhone Move

Ceria Alfonso
Febrero 9, 2019

The companies found involved in the misuse of their iOS apps are Hollister, Expedia, Air Canada, and more. These apps have been found to literally record your iPhone screen, without asking for your permission or notifying you about it.

In the cases cited in the original report, the analytics firm Glassbox provided the third-party code that allows apps to record every tap, swipe, and gesture that a user makes in an app. These screenshots are either sent for analysis either to the app developers directly or to Glassbox, who then sends them to the app makers. The report also adds that apps like Air Canada and other travel websites that include fields in which users enter sensitive information such as passport numbers, credit card numbers and other financial and personal information. Also, some session replays reportedly compromised sensitive user information. Air Canada employees with the session data could potentially see your private information.

According to Tech Crunch, apps from carriers, airlines, travel sites, banks and others don't tell you that they are doing this. Others don't. Air Canada, who recently reported a massive data breach, is one of those that don't. So, not too bad.

That could be a problem if any one of Glassbox's customers aren't properly masking data, he said in an email.

App analysts have already predicted that since all of the apps listed above use Glassbox, there is the possibility that sensitive banking information and passwords have already been captured.

But the apps could be recording - and sending - materials that users wouldn't be happy about, including credit card details, the App Analyst has warned. There's literally no way a user can know their screen was being recorded all this time. In fact, they didn't find any mention of that in fine print of their privacy policies. So really, there's no way to know.

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The apps didn't say they were recording the screen. Neither did Singapore Airlines.

Ambercrombie (sister company of Hollister) confirmed that Glassbox "helps support a seamless shopping experience, enabling us to identify and address any issues customers might encounter in their digital experience".

They made no comments on session replays.

Each of the apps have an individual privacy policy, but none of them go out of their way to make the user aware that Glassbox is being utilized, and, therefore, their information is being accessed on a regular basis. "Every tap, button push and keyboard entry is recorded - effectively screenshotted - and sent back to the app developers". Companies rely on this kind of technology for their survival.

A spokesperson for Glassbox told Fox News that the data they collect is not shared with third parties, nor enriched through external sources.

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