Man leaves baby on train to take smoke break

Evarado Alatorre
Febrero 9, 2019

The father says he set his baby down on the train, and then stepped back out on the platform to smoke a cigarette.

Thankfully, that passenger stayed with the baby and managed to alert the driver and police.

In CCTV footage from inside the train and on the station platform, the dad is seen entering the train carrying his child in a baby basket.

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According to the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority, the baby was left on a train heading westbound from the Windermere station on the morning of January 12.

The man who sat near the baby begins running toward the closing doors to alert the baby's caretaker that the train was about to leave.

Luckily, a passenger called the authorities and officials returned to the station, where the father was reunited with the child immediately.

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