Child's Play Trailer Now Online

Esequiel Farfan
Febrero 9, 2019

Orion Pictures has released the first official trailer for Child's Play, which hopes to do for killer doll Chucky what It did for evil clown Pennywise in 2017.

This particular Child's Play is not a part of the original franchise from Chucky's original creator, writer-director Don Mancini. The new version of the horror classic looks like it will still have that dark, weird slasher vibe that fans of the 1988 original know and love (or hate), just with a completely new team behind it.

"Obviously my feelings were hurt", Mancini said about the new Child's Play.

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Chucky isn't throwing out one-liners in the trailer above ("What would Martha Stewart say?"), but it still has a playful tone set to "Best Friend" by Harry Nilsson (who, between this and Russian Doll, is having quite the year). Aubrey Plaza stars as Andy's mother, while "Atlanta" favorite Brian Tyree Henry plays the local detective investigating all of the recent murders.

Child's Play sees a sleek, modern company, known for its internet-connected devices like drones, robotic vacuums, and a centralized hub, developing a sophisticated kids doll for entry into the children's toy market.

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