NDP say more leaked documents show PC healthcare plan includes privatization

Maricruz Casares
Febrero 6, 2019

However cabinet documents, signed by both Elliott and given Royal Assent by Lt. Gov. Elizabeth Dowdswell, detail payment plans when permanent board members for the super agency are named including a $350 per diem for the chair.

NDP Leader Andrea Horwath said the documents reveal that the Ford cabinet has already approved the health bill.

Meanwhile the person responsible for leaking the documents to the NDP has been identified and fired.

At a press conference Monday afternoon, Health Minister Christine Elliott told the media the provincial government will not be privatizing health care before saying the NDP used these documents as a way to profit off of the public. "I have every confidence in the professionalism of the Ontario Public Service as we work to support the government in the delivery of its agenda".

The crown corporation is being created from the ashes of several agencies which the Progressive Conservatives intend to dissolve, including Cancer Care Ontario, E-Health and 14 Local Health Integration Networks.

In December, high ranking officials received confidential information of the government's planned changes to Ontario's health-care system, Horwath said.

"Those documents show how Ford's scheme completely privatizes inspections, laboratories, licensing, the medical devices program, assisted devices program and air ambulance", Horwath said. "This is just one big fundraising campaign on fears and lies".

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The NDP said in a January 31 news release that they had obtained a health care privatization bill that indicated Doug Ford is revving up for serious cuts and privatization in Ontario's health care system.

"(Premier Doug) Ford is going to privatize specific, critical services and he's throwing open the door to even more privatization", she said.

The NDP accused the government of trying to create a two-tier private health system in Ontario, but Elliott denied that allegation last week, maintaining the government is committed to strengthening the province's health system.

Horwath said the changes would give the PC government "unprecedented power to farm out" services to private sector entities. They also show a new model of "integrated care delivery" is being created, called MyCare groups, meant to "provide patients with seamless, co-ordinated care and a single team of providers for all their care needs".

There are slated to be 30-50 MyCare groups across the province, with up to 10 early adopter sites being set up in the spring, according to the documents.

The "super agency" would be in charge of managing health service needs across Ontario, health system operational management and co-ordination, quality improvement, knowledge dissemination, patient relations, digital health and activities relating to tissue donation and transplants.

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