Trend Micro and Tesla Partner for Automative Security Competition

Galtero Lara
Enero 18, 2019

Trend Micro announced it has joined forces with Tesla for a new category in its Pwn2Own Vancouver competition. Any successful exploit gains the hacker a prize, but also some publicity. During the occasion, the carmaker will participate in a hacking event called Pwn2Own, where one white hat hacker will be rewarded with an actual Tesla Model 3 if they manage to break into the car's systems.

In the Tesla Model 3 category, there are a number of target systems, including WiFi and Bluetooth systems, infotainment, autopilot, key fob and phone-as-a-key systems, modem or tuner, and others. Tesla vehicles are software-centric and in many ways changed the industry by enabling over the air software updates that can fix glitches and security problems as well as improve performance and add other new features.

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The full list of targets in this year's contest include the Tesla Model 3, Oracle VirtualBox, VMware Workstation, VMware ESXi, Microsoft Hyper-V Client, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Adobe Reader, Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Outlook, and Microsoft Windows RDP. This is the first time a auto has been included in the hacking content. Alternatively, the persistence and CAN bus categories focuses on consistently stopping the vehicle from rebooting its software or getting total control of the sedan's CAN bus, which is the car's computer system. As the Zero Day Initiative blog explains, to win the vehicle you have to be the first to hack it during the contest. Pwn2Own gets the benefit of having Tesla's name attached to their contest, Tesla gets the chance to fix potentially-major security bugs, and a lucky hacker might just walk (or drive) away with a free vehicle. Tesla has also been running its own bug bounty program since 2014. The company says it won't void the warranty on their vehicle if they hack its software either. Pictured: Guests look at a Tesla Model 3 during a ground-breaking ceremony for a Tesla factory in Shanghai on January 7, 2019.

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