Oxford University suspends funding from China's Huawei

Galtero Lara
Enero 18, 2019

According to The Wall Street Journal, federal prosecutors are already in hot pursuit of a criminal investigation into the company for allegedly stealing USA trade secrets.

Huawei said in a statement the company and T-Mobile settled their disputes in 2017 following a USA jury verdict that found "neither damage, unjust enrichment nor willful and malicious conduct by Huawei in T-Mobile's trade secret claim". Huawei's spy even managed to sneak off with some parts of the robot. One employee also tried to hide the fingerlike tip of "Tappy" behind a computer monitor so that it would be out of view of a security camera, and then tried to sneak it out of the lab in his laptop-computer bag, according to the lawsuit.

However, Huawei lost the case to the tune of $7 million, with the jury deciding the incident constituted a breach of contract. The report could not be immediately confirmed.

The German government is debating whether to follow the United States and allies like Australia in restricting China's Huawei Technologies from accessing its next-generation mobile networks on national-security grounds.

Huawei, once a fast follower of Nordic firms Nokia and Ericsson, is now a $93 billion global market leader in an industry where there is no USA champion.

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Huawei, the second-largest global smartphone maker and biggest producer of telecommunications equipment, has for years been under scrutiny in the U.S. over purported links to the Chinese government.

Senator Cotton said that Huawei is China's intelligence gathering agency and must the lawmakers must take a decisive action to protect the U.S. interests and enforce the law.

China's ambassador to Canada says the arrest by Canadian authorities of a Huawei Technologies executive was an act of "backstabbing" by a friend and he warns of repercussions if Canada bars the company from its new 5G network for security reasons. Other restrictions have been imposed by some US allies. "In the future, we must crack down on China's theft of advanced United States technology".

On Wednesday, US Senators and House of Representatives proposed a ban on the sale of chips and other components to Chinese telecommunications companies that violate US law, with special mention of ZTE and Huawei. "I personally would never harm the interest of my customers and me, and my company would not answer to such requests".

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