Robbie Williams 'blasting' music to upset Jimmy Page

Esequiel Farfan
Enero 14, 2019

The latest development in their feud, which has been going for five years, ever since Williams expressed his intention to build a basement gym and pool in his home in west London, is that Williams is "playing loud '70s rock music" to "upset" Page, The Telegraph reports.

At the end of previous year, Williams' application was approved, with conditions meaning he needs to monitor vibration levels and ground movement.

They will also decide whether to ask Williams for a bond, which could be forfeited if those conditions were breached or if any damage is done to Page's property.

However, work can not begin on his Kensington home until councillors receive reassurance that vibration levels and ground movement issues will be monitored.

As The Telegraph reports, a resident close to the famous musicians has alleged that Robbie Williams has begun a campaign of harassment against the famed guitarist, reportedly blasting out music from Led Zeppelin's rivals and "imitating" Page's bandmates.

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A letter to the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea council, which is signed "Jonny", says that Williams has been playing Black Sabbath to annoy his neighbour.

He obviously knows this upsets Mr. Jimmy Page.

The correspondent adds that Williams has also dressed up to imitate Led Zeppelin's frontman Robert Plant by "wearing a long hair wig, and stuffing a pillow under his shirt in an attempt to mock or imitate Mr Robert Plant's beer belly that he has acquired in his older age".

Page's PR guy, Mark Borkowski, is apparently planning to arrange a meet-up, hopefully a casual winter backyard barbie, for the airing of grievances.

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