Kamala Harris likely to announce run for president around MLK Day

Esequiel Farfan
Enero 14, 2019

"(Trump) is choking the very people who are responsible for making sure we have public safety on a day-to-day basis", she said, referring to the thousands of unpaid workers, including members of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Transportation Security Administration and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Harris, who published a new memoir this week ahead of likely 2020 presidential run, demurred on whether she will challenge President Donald Trump for the White House. Although she still hasn't officially tossed her hat into the ring, on Thursday she teased The Late Show host Stephen Colbert over a possible 2020 run. "It gets her out there", said Howard Dean, the former Vermont governor and presidential candidate who preceded his own 2004 run by stumping on the issue of universal health care and his opposition to the Iraq War.

That leaves Oakland, where Harris was born, and where she returned after law school to become a deputy district attorney for Alameda County.

"We need to give the American public more credit", the Democratic senator said.

"When we had the 2016 elections, it was at the height of Ferguson and Baltimore, and we still didn't have serious engagement with criminal justice reform", said Phillip Atiba Goff, the president of the Center for Policing Equity, referring to the protests that followed the deaths of black men at the hands of police officers in Missouri and Maryland. "She knows that this is something that's heading her way and a good candidate is one who doesn't wait for it to hit them". According to Forbes, Harris laughed during a 2014 interview when a journalist raised a question about legalization.

"Honestly, my candid response is that she's not the first nor will she be the last elected person to curse in public", Harris said.

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Though she is for marijuana legalization, Harris says that legalization should be done with caution.

"That being said, I take full responsibility for anything that has happened in my office", she said. And yes, she would raise California's profile and amplify her voice, which would be useful if she returns to the Senate after a campaign.

Harris, who just launched a book tour, recently told NPR she had "not made up [her] mind" about making a presidential bid.

But a campaign also could hurt her standing.

"Apparently you said you were going to make a decision after the holidays as to whether you were going to run for president", Goldberg said.

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