Chicagoans line up, fail to make 43-yard field goal

Jose Verdugo
Enero 14, 2019

Patrons 21 or older were given one chance to kick a 43-yard field goal.

Goose Island hosted a field goal-kicking contest outside of its Fulton Street taproom on Saturday.

An Eagles fan even dared to kick in front of the booing crowd, and it ended far less painfully than Philadelphia's 16-15 win over Chicago in the wild-card round as Bears fans erupted with laughter after his pitiful try.

There were 103 failed attempts in total, though Block Club Chicago reports that several kickers came close.

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As entertaining as it was to see every couch cushion kicker fail, the snow element made the failures extremely entertaining to watch.

Today in a nutshell is right.

In an ideal world, Bears fans would've been tailgating in 56-degree Los Angeles or prepping for their game-day parties in the comforts of their heated home before the Bears played the Rams in the second round of the playoffs.

Hopefully the fans had fun, but hopefully they also learned that while Parkey is a professional, his job is not easy by any means.

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