US Pentagon developed plans to strike Iran, Wall Street Journal reports

Evarado Alatorre
Enero 13, 2019

Now, through a report just published by the Israeli newspaper, Haaretz and The Wall Street Journal, a former White House official who worked under the Trump Administration says that the White House had asked the Pentagon for a military plan to attack Iran back in September of past year.

According to the report, the request - which reportedly "rattled" Pentagon and State Department officials - followed a mortar attack on into Baghdad's diplomatic district, home to the U.S. Embassy. The shells - launched by a group aligned with Iran - landed in an open lot and harmed no one.

Although the Pentagon obeyed the request by the council, the Journal reported, it is unknown whether or not the plans for striking Iran were ever fully developed or even provided to the White House.

An unnamed "former senior US administration official" said the request "definitely rattled people".

He added: "Sometimes it seems the world has become desensitised to the regime's authoritarianism at home and its campaigns of violence overseas, but the proud Iranian people are not staying silent about their government's many abuses".

Two days later, unidentified militants fired three rockets that hit close to the USA consulate in the southern city of Basra but caused no serious damage.

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Former US officials said it was unnerving that the NSC asked for such far-reaching military options in response to attacks that caused little damage and no injuries.

Previously Mr Bolton has advocated for military strikes against Iran.

Relations between Iran and the USA have become more confrontational since Trump's election and his May 2018 decision to withdraw from the nuclear deal and reimpose severe economic sanctions on the Islamic Republic.

Later in the month, US National Security Adviser John Bolton issued a stark public warning to Tehran: "There will be hell to pay" if Iran continued to "cross" the US and its allies.

The Pentagon said it provides the president options for a variety of threats.

Pompeo told Fox News that dozens of countries would attend the summit which would aim to "build out the global coalition" opposed to Iranian policies in the region.

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