Attorneys for suspect in Closs case 'relying on integrity of judicial system'

Evarado Alatorre
Enero 13, 2019

While authorities are still trying to determine the motive behind the kidnapping, more details about Patterson have emerged.

"My legs started to shake". Barron County Sheriff Chris Fitzgerald said he was unemployed when officers arrested him.

Jayme told one of the neighbours in Gordon who took her in that she had walked away from a cabin where she had been held captive.

"And to chase after that is, it's, I mean, she'll never go back to that". "She did not talk about why or how".

He said the girl had been found in the town of Gordon, about 100 kilometres north of Barron, where she had lived with her parents. Kasinskas said. Police were called - but before they arrived, Jayme told them that she'd been held in the Gordon area, near Kasinskas' home, by someone who killed her parents on the night she disappeared. They said there is nothing to indicate that he knew or had contact with the family before the incident, and said they do not know how he came to fixate on Jayme. We believe he acted alone. "She's the one who helped us break this case", Fitzgerald told reporters on Friday. She said she and her husband once caught them siphoning gas.

There he met up with a 15-year-old girl to have sex with her.

Jayme was reportedly wearing shoes too large for her feet, and refused offers of food or water.

"I'm going to give her the biggest hug and tell her that I'm here for her and that I love her very much", she said on the morning show.

Officials reported Jayme missing on October 15 when deputies discovered the bodies of her parents in their Wisconsin home. A shotgun was recovered from the home where Jayme was believed held, according to Fitzgerald. It appears he has been living in the family cabin; property records indicate his father still owned the place in October.

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Federal Bureau of Investigation special agent Justin Tolomeo told reporters: "In cases like this we often need a big break - it was Jayme herself who gave us that break". He quit the next day, saying he was moving, Mr Steve Lykken said.

Despite Erik Patterson's criminal record, few across the township seem to have heard of his family. "I think she was doing OK despite the circumstances", she said.

'I thought "Good for her, she escaped"', he recalled.

They found Patterson in his auto, "driving around", apparently out looking for her, Fitzgerald said.

She told the Associated Press that the 13-year-old had shouted "please help me, I don't know where I am, I'm lost". I don't know where I am.

Nutter took her to the home of Peter and Kristin Kasinskas. The discovery ended an all-out search that gripped the state, with many people fearing the worst.

Detectives pursued thousands of tips, watched dozens of surveillance videos and conducted numerous searches in the effort to find Jayme.

Asked if there would be a community celebration in her honor, the superintendent of the Barron Area School District that Jayme attended, said, "You better believe it". "God has answered those prayers".

Jayme has been described as "medically cleared", although Sheriff Fitzgerald was unable to comment on whether the youngster had endured any abuse while being held captive. Smart was rescued nine months later after witnesses recognized her abductors on an "America's Most Wanted" episode.

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