Choose Your Own Adventure Book Publisher is Suing Netflix Over BANDERSNATCH

Esequiel Farfan
Enero 12, 2019

Nevertheless, Chooseco, the publisher of Choose Your Own Adventure stories, is suing the streaming giant for aping their thing without permission, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

According to the suit, Netflix apparently tried to obtain a license for Chooseco's trademark in the past, but wasn't able to reach a deal with the publisher.

In Bandersnatch, a young programmer is adapting a famous and mysterious choose your own adventure novel into a video game, which sends him down a plight of morality and effect as he digs deeper and deeper into the meaning of free will. They claim that there have been negotiations surrounding the development of a "Choose Your Own Adventure" series, but it never came into fruition.

According to a January 11th, 2019 Hollywood Reporter story, US -based publisher Chooseco filed documents in Vermont arguing that the publisher has used the phrase since the 1980s and has sold more than 265 million copies of its Choose Your Own Adventure books.

Bandersnatch was released in December as a feature-length episode of the Black Mirror series.

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Chooseco argues that not only did everyone in the press describe Black Mirror's interactive film as a "choose your own adventure" experience, but in one scene in Bandersnatch, one of the characters even references Choose Your Own Adventure books by name.

The Choose Your Own Adventure series has sold more than 265 million copies worldwide. Further, Chooseco writes, "The film's dark and, at times, disturbing content dilutes the goodwill for and positive associations with Chooseco's mark and tarnishes its products".

She also reiterated that Bandersnatch has nothing to do with the books, which were recently licensed by 20th Century Fox to develop an interactive film series. Chooseco is asking for $25 million in damages.

Netflix has no comment on the matter.

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