CES 2019: HTC has unveiled a virtual reality helmet Vive Cosmos

Ceria Alfonso
Enero 12, 2019

The Vive Pro Eye improves upon the Vive Pro's rendering capabilities nine-fold, according to Chris O'Connor, technical director of ZeroLight.

Also announced is an upgrade to the Viveport subscription service, an unlimited subscription for VR allowing members to discover and explore hundreds of virtual destinations anytime with unrestricted access.

With the big tracking hoop over the knuckles that has become synonymous with inside-out tracked controllers (WMR, Oculus Quest, HTC Vive Cosmos), the rest of the design isn't exactly anything special. Fans can experience the new Vive Pro Eye starting in 2019.

It's an interesting addition, and likely as time goes on developers will be able to add more interesting features using this eye-tracking tech, however, the headset itself remains largely unchanged from the HTC Vive Pro.

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The technology also allows for an easier gaming experience. This is a "Pro" version of its HTC Vive VR headset and as you might have assumed, it comes packed with eye tracking. You no longer require additional controllers to navigate.

While there's now no information about how much the headset will cost, what its full capabilities are, or when it will be released, HTC said it would be "coming soon", with development kits to be offered sometime in early 2019. For specifics, keep an eye on the HTC website and HTC Twitter account as the company plans to make the headset available sometime in the second quarter of 2019.

"Our philosophy has always been focused on developing great products and experiences that create a natural and effortless bridge from the real world to the virtual world and with Vive Reality System we set out to reimagine Vive's core software experience to meet these needs", said Drew Bamford, VP, Creative Labs, HTC Vive.

The Command Center now offers GPU overclocking (and underclocking), allowing changes to take effect at the system level and work in conjunction with CPU and RAM overclocking as well as thermals. Vive owners will also get access to Firefox Reality's "immersive web experiences" - games and other activities that are available through the browser's homepage.

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