Dave Grohl chugs a beer… then falls off the stage

Esequiel Farfan
Enero 11, 2019

Foo Fighters rocker Dave Grohl tried to be cool on stage at a recent concert only for the moment to be immediately undercut by a spill off the stage. The Foos frontman misjudged the edge of the stage on his way back while playing guitar. He gets the attention of someone standing off camera who hands him a Bud Light.

As Spin reported, Grohl was passed a can of beer by a fan during a guitar solo, which he downed, and then fell off the stage.

Fans cheered at the very rock-n-roll move, but found themselves anxious soon after.

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Thankfully the stage was smaller than the last stack and security guards softened the fall.

Then, after failing miserably the first time, Grohl picked up the can and chugged the rest of the bad boy in five seconds flat.

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