Amazon unveils ad-supported IMDb video streaming service

Esequiel Farfan
Enero 11, 2019

Amazon says that Freedive works on Fire TV devices - and indeed it does - but it also works just fine through the Amazon Prime Video app on all the places we've tried it - Android, iOS, Roku, etc.

As far as TV shows are concerned, you'll be able to choose from episodes of Heroes, Fringe, Gilligan's Island, The Bachelor, and many others.

To date, IMDb has produced short-form original series, such as "The IMDb Show", "Casting Calls" and "No Small Parts", as well as trailers and celebrity interviews.

Amazon has been developing the free video streaming offering for more than a year, and it is distinct from Amazon Prime, the subscription service that costs $120 a year, and is mostly without ads.

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Now, that service is officially open for business in the USA - dubbed IMDb Freedive, the video-on-demand offering currently provides users with around 130 movies and 29 TV shows to stream for free, as reported by Variety. Freedive represents a bigger push to monetize video content with full-length movies and hit TV shows.

You can check out IMDb Freedive here. IMDb believes it can capture share in the market because its has millions of visitors who are actively interested in entertainment. Earlier today, the Amazon-owned property launched a brand new streaming site dubbed Freedive.

Col Needham, founder and CEO of IMDb, said in a statement that Freedive will eventually be made available more widely, including on IMDb's mobile apps.

The company said the Freedive catalog will continue to evolve, with new titles added regularly.

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